13 Wardrobe Essentials That Will Help Simplify Your Life!

In keeping with our theme of simplicity this year we want to help you sort out some of your wardrobe dilemmas! The first way to conquer those issues is to make sure you have the essential basics in your wardrobe. 

Just like you need a strong foundation to build a house, you need a strong foundation to build-up your wardrobe! Think of it this way.  Imagine you had to start your entire wardrobe all over again - all of your clothes are gone and you have a limited budget to replace them. How and where would you start?

A good place to begin would be with our list of wardrobe essentials. This checklist of 13 must-have items will help build that foundation for you and simplify your daily routine and hopefully your life. These will be the workhorses of your closet and will bail you out of fashion dilemmas every time.

Ok let's get started!

 1. A Day Dress

The world has become much more casual over the last few years, but a great day dress is absolutely a wardrobe essential! 

Our day dress is from Boden, Size 8, $39.99
Finding one that works with your body is not as hard as it seems but if you're stumped, go with an A-line dress because they tend to be universally flattering.  Shift dresses and wrap dresses are also excellent choices.  You can pair your day dress with a fitted jacket as an alternative to a suit for a career wear option.  You can also pair your dress with low-key jewelry, flats, and a denim jacket for a more casual look.

2. The Classic White Shirt

You can wear this little beauty with just about anything and look chic and pulled together!

Charter Club White Button Down Shirt, Macy's $59.50
Choose a classic white shirt that highlights your best attributes. You can’t go wrong with a polished, white button down that has a slimming cut.  Pair it with other classics in your wardrobe (like your favorite pencil skirt) for a professional look or with your jeans for a stylish casual look.

3. Dress Pants

These are a staple for any wardrobe because they can create both a day and an evening look. They're perfect for the office and for drinks after work! 


 Mid-Rise Barely Boot Curvy Pants, Express, $79.90

Black goes with everything and can be very slimming which makes them ideal for all shapes and sizes; however don’t discount charcoal, camel, or navy as a wardrobe staple. Also be conscious of your body shape when shopping for pants - what looks right on your tall, slim, BFF may not be the right cut for you.  Don't beat yourself up over it.  There are many options out there for all shapes and sizes.  Dress pants are an invaluable day-to-evening piece so keep shopping until you find the right ones for you!

4. The Perfect Jeans

Yes, you already have a pair of jeans, but do you have a pair that you love and make you feel confident and sexy?


 Paige  Transcend Hoxton Jeans, Nordstrom, $179.

A pair of mid-to-dark rinse jeans that can do this for you is a worthwhile investment.  It can be a frustrating search to find the right ones, but you’ll be extremely happy when you do.  Please also be aware that high-waist jeans are very much back in style so you can donate all your old low-waist jeans for good!  These aren't the mom jeans that you remember from back in the day (and for some reason are all the rage with millennials - please make it stop!!).  High waist jeans aren't actuality "high waist" at all.  They're cut to fit you where your waist is actually located on your body.  Thank you baby Jesus!! No more muffin top or constantly hiking up your jeans when you're bending over to pick something up! If you tend to have lots of feminine curves, go with a curvy-fit boot-cut pair of jeans to balance your hips and shoulders. If you tend to be more narrow or athletic, go with a straighter cut jean.  They look great with heels, boots, or flats and can be dressed up or down.

5. The Fitted Blazer

 Everyone needs the “right jacket” and for most people that is going to be a fitted blazer. 

Coming soon to PLRG's Boutique Collection!

It should flatter your waistline and flair out a bit at the hips for a curvy, feminine look.  Your first jacket should be black, but after that experiment with brighter colors such as red or cobalt blue!  The right jacket can dress up any look.  Pair it with jeans, a skirt, or your classic dress pants and you have an instant upgrade.

6. The Perfect White T-Shirt

 A white t-shirt is classic American style - simple but chic!

White Fitted T-Shirt, Target, $8.00

Look for a white t-shirt that is mostly cotton but contains a little bit of stretch. Your tee should be slightly fitted, but not tight!  V-necks work best for curvy or petite figures while crew-necks look best on a tall, athletic frame.  Paired with jeans, your fitted blazer, and a great necklace you’ll be the epitome of casual chic.

7. A Cardigan

A classic cardigan can be like a best friend.  It will never you let down, it’s warm and comfy, and is always there for you when you need it! 

Layering Cardigan, PLRG Boutique Collection, $29.99

Cashmere is ideal, but they tend to be pricey.  If you’re budget is not at the point where you can invest in a good cashmere sweater, then look at alternatives such as merino wool,a high quality silk-wool blend, or cotton.  It will look great under a jacket during the day and paired with a skirt or your dress pants.  It will also work just as well with a pair of jeans and your white classic shirt for a chic dressed-down look.

8. A Versatile Skirt

The right skirt will help you create a feminine and fashionable look.  There's a wide selection available which makes it easy to choose one for work or play.


Houndstooth Pencil Skirt, PLRG, $24.99

You want to choose a skirt that you can dress up with a tailored shirt and jacket or dress down with a T-shirt and denim jacket.  Choose a skirt that looks best on your body and offers multiple options in your wardrobe.  A great A-line or pencil skirt would be the best place to start.

9. The Little Black Dress (LBD)

If you can only afford to splurge on one-item in your wardrobe, then this is the one! 


Calvin Klein Luxe Ruffle Dress, PLRG, $32.99

 A little black dress is something every woman needs in her wardrobe.  It’s a workhorse.  Need a day-to-evening look?  Choose your LBD.  Wear it with a great statement necklace and a fabulous pair of pumps for work (and then happy hour).  Try it with pearls and a faux fur for a timeless, more sophisticated look.  Put on stilettos and chandelier earrings and you’re ready for a night out on the town.  Pair with a leather jacket and boots for an edgy look. The options are endless!

10. A Denim Jacket

 This is one of the most versatile wardrobe essentials that you can own and you will reach for it time and time again!

Distressed Denim Jacket, PLRG, $39.99

It goes with almost everything – a sundress, khakis, a pencil skirt, a chunky sweater, an A-line dress, shorts, etc.  If you can only afford one, go with a medium rinse as it will be more slimming and will stay in style much longer than a trendier rinse.  A denim jacket is classic Americana and never goes out of style! 

11. The Trench Coat

Not only is the trench coat a classic style item, it is also one of the hottest and easiest makeover fashion pieces that you can invest in and be assured that it will never go of out of style!

Chelsea Heritage Trench Coat, Burberry,  $1999.00

It’s ideal for almost every season and flatters all shapes and sizes.  You don't have to drop a fortune on this item!  We're featuring Burberry because that's what they're known for in the fashion industry, but you can easily pick up a gorgeous trench in the $100 - $200 range.  This is also an item you might consider thrifting for when you're out shopping to get a higher quality item at a fantastic price.  If traditional khaki isn't your thing  – navy or red would be a stylish choice too!

12. Shapewear

We love shapewear!! This little number is made by Spanx.
Suit Your Fancy Body Suit, Spanx, $149.00
 Ever wonder how celebrities look sleek and amazing on the red carpet?  The answer is shape wear my friends!  Models, actresses, and celebrities depend on shapewear to keep them looking picture perfect from every angle. Maybe you haven’t considered it before but shapewear can be comfortable, provide a natural-looking shape, and is available in all sizes. Think of it as your little secret weapon.  It’s not something that you will need every day but when you’re wearing a sweater dress or something silky, shapers will give you a smooth and beautiful silhouette.

13. Vintage

Everyone needs a little vintage in their wardrobe. It could be a brooch, a sparkly handbag, a coat, a beaded sweater, or whatever you like! 
Vintage Beaded Handbag, PLRG, $26.99
Vintage  items not only tell great stories, but are well made which is why they’ve been around so long.  They’re also unique!  You’re pretty much guaranteed to be the only person at the party carrying that beautiful beaded clutch.  No one wants to look like they’re playing dress-up so always mix your vintage items with modern ones to look stylish.
So that's our 13 Wardrobe Essentials!  It's not a definitive list, but it's a great start.  We'll add some more items to make a Complete Wardrobe Checklist so stay tuned for updates! How many out of the 13 pieces do you have? What's the piece you want to run out and purchase?  Did we miss your favorite essential?  Comment below and tell us - we'd love to hear from you!
Until next time fashionistas!
Poor Little Rich Girl XOXO

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