2 Easy Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day!

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Mother's Day is the second Sunday in May and it’s only 8 days away!  In 1908, Americans started recognizing this holiday as a way to celebrate the mothers in their families as well motherhood itself.   As you all know (because she’s told you a million times) being a mom is tough!  It requires a lot of sacrifices, sleepless nights, and selfless acts.  Moms deserve at the very least one day a year where they can rest and feel special.  And if you’re smart you won’t forget about that one day of the year, because if you do, she won’t ever forget that you didn’t remember her!  As the saying goes, when mama’s happy everyone is happy!


We know it can be hard to pick out the perfect gift for your mom or the mother of your children.  Instead of getting her something that might disappoint or something that she might not use, why not give her a gift certificate for some services that will help make her life a little easier and a little more fun?

Time is such a precious commodity in a busy mom’s life!  Why not give her the gift of time with a “Shop Your Closet” session from Poor Little Rich Girl?  We’ll review her wardrobe with her and discuss her lifestyle, needs, and budget so that we can create fresh new looks from what's already in her closet! 


We’ll take photos of each outfit that we design for her and compile it into a digital photo album that she can use as a reference guide for her new looks.  This will give her handful of go to outfits that she can grab and throw on in the morning without having to take extra time away from all her other tasks each day!  Not only will she feel a little more confident in how she’s looking, she’ll have a few extra minutes to grab a coffee or a bite to eat as she’s running out to conquer another day!

Mom’s usually cater to everyone else’s needs before their own which can leave them feeling a little forgotten or last on the list of priorities.  Let her feel like a celebrity for a day and hire Poor Little Rich Girl as her Personal Stylist!  We promise to be more gentle than this scene from The Devil Wears Prada!!

We’ll meet up with the special mom in your life for a personal shopping trip at her favorite stores and pick out some great outfits that will flatter her and make her feel special!  PLRG will provide tips on fit and styling and how to maximize her budget. We'll have fun trying on new styles and discovering what works best on her body, fits her style, shows off her personality and builds her confidence!   It’s day that’s all about her which is a nice change for any mom!!

Check out our services page today and contact us to schedule a day of fun for the mom in your life!!!

Until next time...

Fashionably yours,

Diane and Christy XOXO

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