5 ways to wear a white t-shirt

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As you know, a basic white t-shirt is a wardrobe must-have for any woman.  It’s an incredibly versatile piece so we recommend having a few in your closet that you can dress-up or dress-down at any given moment.  Find one that is slightly fitted and complements your body shape.  A crewneck t-shirt is a great choice, but if you’re a bit curvy, you may prefer a V-neck or scoop neck t-shirt.

We do have an extra little word of advice about this article of clothing that may seem obvious, but we still must say it --- make sure your t-shirt is truly white!  Please don’t ruin your look with a dingy, kind of white t-shirt.  Or a shirt that was once white, but now has a weird grayish look to it.  Please get rid of those as soon as you can!  Normally we would suggest that you donate or consign your old clothing, but in this case, let’s not pass on the dinginess to anyone else.  In the spirit of being kind to your fellow fashionistas and to the world at large, cut up your old dingy t-shirts and use them as cleaning rags for your house or for washing your car.

Ok, now that we have cleared that up, let’s get down to the fun part and start styling your white t-shirts!

1. Wear your white t-shirt with jeans for classic Americana look.  Add a leather jacket and a pair of heels and you're instantly chic.  Although this may seem like an obvious choice (and you're right it is) it's also a timeless look and you generally can't go wrong with a classic.

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    2. Wear your white t-shirt with a casual skirt. Pair it with flats or sandals if your skirt is short and wedges or boots if it's a midi or longer.  This is such a quick look to pull together and has a stylish ease about it.  You could run around in this all day doing errands, going to your kids' play dates, or out to lunch and you would look put together without any major fuss.


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      3. Wear your white t-shirt under suit jacket!  As Amal Clooney shows us, this is an easy way to look instantly chic with very little effort! 

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      4. Wear your white t-shirt with a formal skirt to really mix it up!  Fashion stylists use this look a lot to make something dressy appear a little more edgy and less conventional. This a great ensemble for a wedding or other special occasion when you're not quite sure what to wear.


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        5. Wear your white t-shirt with a scarf or statement jewelry and you've elevated a simple look into something special!  Throw on a cute jacket or cardigan and now you're ready for the day.

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            Photo via Pinterest

          So that was pretty easy, right??  You probably have a lot of these pieces in your wardrobe already, so putting them together will take no time at all!  In the name of practicing what you preach, I will be spending my evening cutting up my old dingy t-shirts and starting the hunt for a few, new white t-shirts to restock my supply.  If you need help finding the right t-shirt for your figure or want to stock your closet with the wardrobe must-haves, comment below and we’ll set up a consultation with you!


          Fashionably yours,

          PLRG XOXO

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