Fall Fashion Trends for 2018 (Part 2)

We’re back with part 2 of our fall fashion breakdown!  Hopefully you’ve already tried some trends from our first blog.  Maybe a new animal print top or a power red dress?  If not, here are some additional trends that were big on the runway for fall that might be more your speed!


It’s not exactly earth shaking that leather is a trend for fall.  However, this year designers were using it in a different way.  It wasn’t limited to mostly jackets. 

In fact, a lot of the leather pieces shown were in the form of dresses and skirts.  Some stuck to the classic black and brown, but many showed their leather pieces in bold, bright colors! Investing in a black leather pencil skirt would be great way to jump on this trend.  Since it’s a classic shape, your new skirt will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come and you can never really go wrong with black. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a brightly colored leather (or faux leather) dress!  You can always pair it with a long cardigan or a blazer to give it a softer look.

Shiny Fabrics

As a girl who loves sequins and bling, this is a favorite trend for me! If that’s not your thing, don’t despair – the “shiny” trend extends to patent leather, metallic accents, shimmery fabric, and embellishments. 

A great way to incorporate this trend would be to pick up a shimmery sweater or cardigan that you could use for date night or a holiday gathering.  If you made this purchase in a gorgeous red, you’d be combining two big trends with just one purchase!  Another great way to bring this trend into your wardrobe would be with a cute pair of shiny, patent leather booties or flats.


This is another trend I love that seems to come back in-style every couple of years.

Because of that, it would definitely be worthwhile to make an investment in a great wool or cashmere blend cape that you could wear for years.  Shop for a cape in a muted plaid or tartan that combines a current trend but also maintains a classic print and cut.  Think how quickly you can make your everyday jeans and boots look chic with a gorgeous cape!


Another fall trend that’s not much of a surprise is tweed but the way designers used it this year was a bit surprising! 

There was a lot of use of primary colors for the tweed as opposed to the traditional muted browns and greens. Also designers experimented by mixing traditional tweeds with bright colors and different patterns. A cool way to integrate this trend with others in your wardrobe would be to combine a tweed jacket with snakeskin print top or a croc embossed handbag! You'd be hitting three trends in a very polished and classic way!

 Faux Fur/Vintage Fur

Faux fur was everywhere on the runways for fall 2018 from accents pieces and trim to full on coats and jackets.  The quality of faux fur has gotten so much better over the years that sometimes it’s difficult to tell the real from the fake.

Because the quality has improved so much, the cost has gone up as well.  If you can’t afford the new faux furs, you might want to consider finding a vintage fur as a way to incorporate this trend.  A vintage fur collar would be a great addition to a cardigan with just a few easy stitches.  Faux furs are fun though because many times they’ve been dyed in gorgeous deep primary colors and are chic way to dress up an outfit.  Keep an eye out some beautiful gloves with a faux fur trim or a cute knit hat with a pretty faux fur pom-pom trim as a way to wear this trend without breaking the bank.


This is a beautiful and sexy trend that if done the right way can look very chic!  The sheerness movement seems to have stuck around from spring/summer which is great because if you invested in something sheer or transparent, you can still wear it for fall and winter! 


Obviously, you will need the proper undergarments to pull this look off and head-to-toe transparency is a no-no! What makes the sheer trend so cool is that many times, the article of clothing is embellished with embroidery or ruching or some other type of design element that makes it really eye-catching. You can be more modest with this trend too and simply wear a top with sheer/transparent sleeves or a dress with a sheer back.  This trend is all about illusion and would a great item to build around for a holiday party or special occasion.

That’s it for this week.  Part three of our fall fashion breakdown will be a quick hit of a few honorable mentions that we loved but they just didn’t make it into the full list.

Until next time, stay fashionable poor little rich girls!

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