Fall Fashion Trends for 2018 (Part 1)

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Breaking Down the Fall 2018 Fashion Trends – Part 1

It’s that time of year again!  The kiddos are in school and even though it’s still 90 degrees outside, it’s fall fashion season!  Designers showed many different looks earlier this year for fall and winter, but there are about 10-12 that seemed to be everywhere!  We’re going to break them down for you in three separate blog posts so we can really get into some detail and discuss different ways that you can incorporate them into your wardrobe and life painlessly. 😊

Before we dive in, let’s remember that not every trend is for everyone! Pick two or three to focus on and update your wardrobe with those items.  Or better yet, combine two trends into one item! For example, tartans, plaids, and checks are one fashion trend.  Statement coats are another one.  Why not combine the two trends and get a gorgeous plaid/check blanket scarf and wear it over your coat to create that statement look?  That way you haven’t invested a lot of money in a new coat, but you’re still on-trend!

Ok, let’s get to it!

Animal Prints

Leopard print never really seems to go out of style and certainly it’s worth investing in a cute pair of leopard print shoes, handbag, etc., but designers were showing all kinds of animal prints this year! Snakeskin, croc, cheetah, zebra, and of course leopard were all being featured on the runways from head-to-toe animal print to just a pop of it with a statement handbag or silky scarf!

We’re loving the snake and reptile prints as a way to a modernize the animal print look!  Add a beautiful silky snakeskin print blouse to your wardrobe.  You can wear under a blazer to the office and then pair it with your skinny jeans for drinks with the girls!  We’ve added some great dresses and tops to our inventory in neutral animal prints to make it easier for you to jump on this trend without breaking the bank! 


Think Urban Cowboy (that’s an 80’s reference for the younger readers lol) and romantic prairie to pull off this look.  Designers showed a lot of western influences including denim, fringe, lace, and ruffles but they also made it a little edgier by adding some leather and studs to their designs. 

If you’ve got a denim jacket in your closet (and you should because that is a wardrobe staple!), now is the time to break it out and pair it with a long floral skirt! Shearling jackets or accessories would be another way to incorporate this look.  Obviously, cowboy boots would be a great choice, but if you can’t find a pair you like, try looking for a pair of suede or leather booties with fringe or studs to update your look. They’ll be perfect with the skinny jeans and boho tunics you already have from seasons past!  It’s very easy to look “costumey” with this trend so choose no more than two western items to wear at one time (ex. Cowboy boots & turquoise cuff bracelet).  If you think it looks like a costume, it does!  Take it off and start over.


Power red was everywhere on the runways!  This is a very easy trend to add to your repertoire.

 A gorgeous scarf, a handbag, a sweater, or a pair of shoes will easily do the trick.  If you’re feeling bold, try out a little red dress this season instead of a black one! Using red with an animal print would be a great way to combine two current trends.  Think of a great snakeskin print dress or top for the office with a cute pair of red heels or ballet flats! Or better yet get a gorgeous red croc embossed leather handbag! It’s simple, classic, and something that you’ll be able to use forever.


This also another easy trend to incorporate.  Ruching is a pleated, fluted, or gathered strip of fabric used for trimming on a garment.  It can be used on a sleeve, a waist, a bodice, etc. 

Ruching can be a great way to disguise parts of our figure that we’re uncomfortable with for any reason. Designers tend to show exaggerated ruching on the runway which pretty much only looks good on a model.  However, they’re smart enough to carry that trend over to their ready-to-wear collections in a much more subdued manor so that it’s fashion friendly for the rest of us.  Again, this would be an easy way to combine trends.  Find a gorgeous power red dress with ruching at the waist for the office or a holiday party!  Ruching on the sleeves of animal print top would be another way to go.


Plaids, checks, and tartans were everywhere on the runways with many designers being brave enough to mix them together in one outfit!

If you didn’t jump on the plaid blanket scarf trend from the last few years, then now is the time to do it! This is a super easy way to wear plaids and checks.  Another easy way to hop on this trend is with a buffalo check flannel shirt.  Buy one in red and you’ve easily combined two trends! Add a pair of suede or fringe booties to the red flannel shirt and you’ve hit the jackpot with three trends in one outfit!


Designers showed a lot of exaggerated layering on the runways for fall.  They literally layered coats over top of parkas and blazers.

Most of us can’t pull off that look and unless we’re living in the arctic there’s no reason to even try lol.  You can make this trend work for you easily by using a little bit of common sense and few items you probably already own.  Layer a thin, long sleeve t-shirt under a cardigan or a pull-over sweater.  Next add a blazer, a puffy vest, and a great scarf. Make it plaid blanket scarf and you’ve combined two trends without hardly any extra investment!

That’s it for this week!  We’ll dive into the rest of the top trends next week and tackle the formidable subjects of leather, sequins, and faux fur! Have a great week and comment below to tell us which trend you're excited to try! 

Fashionably Yours,

Poor Little Rich Girl XOXO

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