New Year – Smarter Choices!

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As we talked about in our last blog, we’re not going to make resolutions that are destined to fail.  We’re going to make attainable choices and decisions that will positively impact our lives and the lives of others to create big change in small steps!  We think that shopping thoughtfully and frugally is one way that you can make healthy changes to your wallet, the environment, and your lifestyle.

You may be tempted to run as fast as you can to the nearest store, gift cards in hand, to buy the cool new blanket scarf or other trendy item that everyone is wearing.  Before you do that, we would suggest that you think about what you have in your closet already that may or may not work with your new favorite accessory.  Do you have a great jacket and white shirt that will tie that look together?  How about a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly?   Here’s a sample of an outfit that you should easily be able to pull together if you have the wardrobe must-haves in your closet.


We took 4 basic pieces from our must-have list (white shirt, fitted blazer, perfect pair of jeans, and a piece of vintage jewelry) and created an outfit that would look amazing with a blanket scarf or just about anything!  These pieces are all consigned so they are environmentally and budget friendly. 

Fashion and style can be easy when you have all the building blocks!  Schedule a styling session with us today as an attainable new year resolution and we’ll help you put those pieces together to build your wardrobe! Schedule by January 31st to receive 25% off your first hour of closet shopping!

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