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Hello Fab Fashionistas!

As we prepare to leave 2016 behind we are reflecting on the year and are really looking forward to leaving it behind. While there were some big things accomplished, and plenty of laughs shared and good times had, overwhelmingly the year has just seemed HARD. Yes, we realize that life is all about ups and downs, good and bad, balance and imbalance, but it shouldn't be this HARD. 

So we are ready to move forward! We are excited about what 2017 represents to us - both personally and professionally - and are working hard to make our dreams come true. We are taking this week to regroup, spend some much needed down time with friends and family and just restoring our inner lights, as it were.

One of the things we are doing to prepare for the coming year is to write down our BIG goals - the ones that we daydream about - and it's scary, but at the same time very exciting. So we encourage all of our fabulous readers to do the same - dream BIG and do it scared. Big dreams lead to big success and big success means failure along the way. That's how we learn and stretch and grow.

Start by writing it down. Then break it down into smaller pieces until they are manageable.

And then?

Get to work. 


May your wildest dreams come true,





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