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If you read our blog, 13 Must-haves that Should be in Your Closet Right Now, you know that we love vintage clothing and recommend that you add some to wardrobe asap! “Everyone needs a little vintage in their wardrobe. It could be a brooch, a sparkly handbag, a coat, a beaded sweater, or whatever you like!  Vintage items not only tell great stories, but are well made which is why they’ve been around so long.  They’re also unique!  You’re pretty much guaranteed to be the only person at the party carrying that beautiful beaded clutch.  No one wants to look like they’re playing dress-up so always mix your vintage items with modern ones to look stylish.” 20161026_083944-1-120161026_083706-1   At PLRG we love vintage for the instant glamour that it adds to almost anything you’re wearing. My mother was certainly my inspiration for all things vintage!  Think back to old pictures of your parents or grandparents or old black and white movies.  Everyone was stylish and had an air of sophistication that just isn’t in present in today’s world.   Here are some great reasons why you should add a little vintage to your life: Individual style When you add vintage pieces to your wardrobe, you’re making a statement about your own personal style as well as how you feel about the world around you.  Instead of blending in with everyone else why not stand out with a beautiful vintage wool coat?  Most pieces are very well constructed, classic items that aren’t part of the mass produced fast fashion that we’ve become accustomed to nowadays.  Generally, they are made of natural fibers or synthetic fibers blended with natural ones that are durable, breathable, and won’t contribute to our already overflowing landfills.  Plus, they’re usually beautiful and have a more luxurious feel than modern clothing!  Who doesn’t want to feel beautiful and wear amazing fabrics?vinage-red-wool-coatThrifty fashion Because vintage clothing is pre-owned, the cost can be minimal.   If you’re watching your budget, classic vintage items will save you a lot of money.  Need a black pencil skirt?  You can probably find one inexpensively at a thrift or a vintage store.  Love the look of J. Crew’s and Banana Republic’s statement jewelry?  Try your local thrift or consignment shop for sparkly vintage jewelry at a fraction of the cost of those other retailers. [caption id="attachment_2773" align="aligncenter" width="319"]vintage-rhinestone-necklace This vintage necklace is half of the price of those produced by modern retailers such as J. Crew and Banana Republic.[/caption] Own a little piece of history Almost everything you’re wearing has been done before and probably with better quality materials.  Fashion is always cyclical. There are many examples of fashion being reinvented but today we’re going to focus on the bohemian/festival look.  Surprisingly elements of this look have been around for almost 200 years starting in Europe with the counter culture that arose after the French revolution.   It continued with artist movements through various decades in the 1800’s (think La Boheme) and into the early 1900’s in Paris and New York.  Of course, our recent memory makes us think of the counter culture of the 1960’s and 1970’s with their peace signs, long hair, protests, and Volkswagen vans but history shows us that flowing skirts, long wavy hair, scarves, beads, and booties are nothing new.  Instead of buying something that imitates that look, why not buy an authentic piece of that fashion history and mix it in with your modern pieces? [caption id="attachment_2774" align="aligncenter" width="174"]boho3 Is she going to Woodstock or Coachella?[/caption] Vintage isn’t only for women Men enjoy the stories and history behind vintage items too!  Every year I buy my husband vintage cuff-links for our anniversary.  A vintage flask would be a great gift for a 21st birthday.  Vintage sunglasses like Wayfarers and Aviators will look as good on your favorite guy today as they did in the 60’s and 80’s. rayban   What's your favorite vintage item and why? Tell us about the history of something classic in your closet in the comments below and you could earn 10% off your next online purchase on our website!

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