Styling Services

Let Poor Little Rich Girl Shop Your Closet!

We are a personal styling & wardrobe building service that helps you "shop your closet" to create fresh new looks tailored to your budget & lifestyle.

-Our Services-

Closet Audit 

2-hour minimum - $100 for two hours, $40 each additional hour

A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? We've all been there!! A closet audit will help you find out what you have, what you need, what works, and what doesn't work.  Together we’ll go through each item in your closet and decide what to keep, what to consign, what to have repaired, and what to donate. * We'll help you organize your remaining pieces so that you'll have a fantastic, organized closet that makes your life easier! 


Closet Shopping and Personal Styling

2-hour minimum - $100 for two hours, $40 each additional hour

Let's shop your closet!!

Together we’ll review your wardrobe and discuss your lifestyle, needs, and budget so that we can create fresh new looks from what's already in your closet.  I'll take photos of each outfit that we design and compile it into a digital photo album that you can use as a reference guide to your new wardrobe.  I'll also create a list of fashion "must-haves" for you to purchase to mix with your existing garments.  We can meet for a shopping session to complete your wardrobe (See Personal Shopping below) or you can use the list on your own to help guide you on your next shopping trip.  Never again will you have to say, “I have nothing to wear!”


Personal Shopping

2-hour minimum - $100 for two hours, $40 each additional hour 

Now the real fun begins!  Together we can shop for stylish updated pieces to enhance your wardrobe.  Maybe you need a fabulous outfit for a special occasion or event.   No problem!  I'll give you tips on fit and styling and how to maximize your budget.  We'll have fun trying on new styles and discovering what works best on your body, fits your style, shows off your personality and builds your confidence!   


Event Styling

2-hour minimum - $80 for two hours, $35 each additional hour 

Let's find the perfect look for your special day!
Whether it’s a class reunion, a job interview, a date night, or a wedding, together we’ll discuss the specifics of your event and create your ideal look.


Poor Little Rich Girl